7 Reasons To Have A bottle Of Colloidal Silver In Your Home

Forget liquid gold. It’s liquid silver you should be on the lookout for! Specifically, a liquid called colloidal silver. Created using electrolysis to suspend pure, metallic elemental silver in distilled-water, this substance has been used for hundreds of years to treat a variety of ailments.
Let’s look at 7 fantastic benefits and uses of colloidal-silver

Colloidal silver is a great natural antibiotic, thanks to its antimicrobial powers. It turns out that this isn’t a recent finding – silver has been used since ancient Roman and Greek times to preserve foods and drinks!
This powerful liquid can kill fungal infections, viruses and bacteria.
2011 research states that colloidal-silver nanoparticles have the potential to be an effective alternative to conventional antifungal treatments for Candida-related conditions.
2.Soothe Burns, Cuts & Scrapes
Colloidal silver stimulates skin and tissue healing while reducing inflammation, meaning it’s a perfect treatment for minor-cuts and scrapes.
Furthermore, a research article, published in Pharmacognosy Communications, recommends that colloidal-silver be seriously considered for topical use in treating burns.
3.Eliminate Sinus Infections
Sinusitis – a continued feeling of pain or pressure in the face, and a blocked nose – can seriously affect quality of life. Painkillers, steroids and antibiotics are some of the conventional cures prescribed for this nasty condition, but these aren’t without their own unwanted side-effects.
Colloidal silver has been found to be effective when used as a nasal spray. Tilt your head back and pour a few drops into your nasal-cavity or add it to a neti-pot, which is specifically designed to flush-out the sinuses.

4.Cure a Sore Throat
Gargling with silver is a fantastic way to pick-up and remove the pathogens in your throat causing you all that pain!
Gargle with one to two tablespoons of the stuff for up to two minutes. Repeat this up to 3-times per day until recovered. Remember to spit it out in order to remove the microbes from your body!
5.Great for Gardeners
Colloidal silver doesn’t just have medicinal uses – it can be used to kill plant fungus and other infections which destroy your beautiful flowers and crops.
Add colloidal silver to the base of your plants, or mix up in a spray bottle (dilute with distilled-water to 5-ppm) and apply to any affected leaves or roots.

6.Keep Flowers Fresh
Fill your home with beautiful blooms, safe in the knowledge they will last twice as long by adding a little colloidal-silver to their vase. It’s true – research has proven it!
When colloidal-silver at 35ppm was added to the water, the flowers maintained perfect color and healthy petals for twice as long as the flowers that were left in water alone.

7.Ease Skin Conditions
Psoriasis, pimples, blackheads, white heads, cysts and red, inflamed skin are all painful, uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing skin conditions.
Whether these issues are caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi, they can benefit from a silver treatment, which also helps speed the repair of damaged tissues.
Try a nightly application of silver colloids and you should notice the effects within days.

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