A Delve Into Colloidal Silver For Pregnancy Acne!

I have mentioned in my pregnancy and acne post that colloidal silver for pregnancy acne is a natural supplement that disrupts or suppresses enzymes responsible for acne-causing bacteria growth. To go more into detail about it, many people do not know about this supplement. Colloidal Silver is simply deionized/reverse-osmosis or distilled water containing some small silver particles. Deionized/reverse-osmosis water is usually better because you have control over the quality of the water made if you are doing it yourself. Yes, it can be home made, however I wouldn’t go into how to make it here as it is out of scope. In a nutshell, they (solutions as well as topical form) are obtained from pure silver through electro-charging methods.

Moving on, I believe you have heard of many cases of anti-biotics failing to cure the acne problems of many people, that is because their acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, not poor hygiene (bacteria). Colloidal Silver is a 2-in-1 supplement that regulates both hormonal imbalance AND also eliminates bacteria! That is why it is an excellent form of treatment for pregnant ladies for their acne, totally nature without any side effects that harm their babies.

The electro-charged silver particles in the water prevent any worsening of acne. The silver particles stop growth of nastiness like fungi and bacteria. The oxygen metabolism of the body cells is inhibited by the silver ions present in the Colloidal Silver which leads to destruction of micro-organisms (bacteria) that are one of the causes of acne.

To conclude, Colloidal Silver for pregnancy acne is great, however there are users who reported that it itself isn’t strong enough to totally cure acne, it has to be used with other treatments as a complementation.

Source by Alwyn Tan

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