A look at the HOW TO MAKE your own Colloidal silver.

Do a web search on Colloidal Silver and you will find a pretty equal opinion of Pros and Cons. ( It will be up to you to decide if this remedy is for you.
I will tell you I have used it for any bacteria related illness/injury that has come up in my life, and my families lives ( animals too) for rthe last 30 years. I have not turned blue, none of us has died, I have never experienced side effects, in any application, I survived the H1-N1 scare while living IN OAXACA MEXICO ( the origin of the epidemic outbreak) In my 2 1/2 years there I was never affected by the intestinal “bugs” that my co-workers encountered (probably from the water) My Dad had cancer and would get infections that antibiotics wouldn’t touch, I treated him internally and externally with Colloidal Silver and the infections would clear up ( without side effects) He actually lived 10 years beyond the doctors guesstimates. He outlived Hospice 3 times. I am 60 years old and can count the times on one hand that I have been under doctors care ( including broken bones requiring titanium implants, and pregnancy)
So as I said, make your own decisions, but I would give up my car before I would give up the ability to make my own colloidal silver.
…BTW This is DISTILLED WATER with a pinch of salt…
Apparently further research has been done in the last 30 years. and this group has defined the difference between Colloidal silver and ionic silver. I appreciate their research. (My intent is not to debate or disagree with them them .. but allow you to make your own decision on what is best for you) I have personally used the “Ionic silver” as they call it with great results.
Quote from
{Colloidal Silver Generators
Ionic silver is not without merit. It is a strong anti microbial and serves well in situations where chloride is not present. When chloride is present, the silver particle content will survive to produce benefit. There are dozens if not hundreds of products on the market advertised as being colloidal silver generators. Such products can be high or low voltage AC or DC and all operate by electrolysis to produce mostly silver ions and some silver nanoparticles. The ionic silver solutions produced by these generators are no less effective than the best commercial ionic silver products. If you believe the marketing hype for ionic silver from the companies on this list there is no reason that you would not want to consider using a home colloidal silver generator and save a lot of money. While the effectiveness of ionic silver is far less than a true colloidal silver product, if you are satisfied with the results obtained from using ionic silver there is no need to pay high prices for one of the commercial products when you make virtually the same thing at home for pennies. Of course the commercial producers will try to wow you with their techno-babble nonsense to convince you that their products are superior. Many commercial ionic silver products are produced using colloidal silver generators that are sold for home use.}


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