AIDS Cure Disinfo & a possible Colloidal Silver solution

AIDS Cure Disinfo & a possible Colloidal Silver solution.
There are a lot o wacky stories being re-repeated on the internet about secret cures the government does not want us to know about. It could be that there are some extremely useful treatments but many of these things are known by the medical professionals. A patent is not proof of a cure and tetra-silver is not a cure for HIV/aids.
Since many are interested in colloidal silver, the best way to make and use colloidal silver, theoretically, is to make the colloidal silver particles extremely small. This process takes a long time for something making colloidal silver at home. The process I used took at 24 hours to make a pint of 7 ppm colloidal silver. the resultant colloidal silver was crystal clear and stayed crystal clear, which is an indication of an extremely small particle size.

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