An Older Colloidal Silver Generator, Now Obsolete

This was the first colloidal silver generator I tried to market. It was a flop, and I’m not sure why. My other one here sold much better. Here is the original text:

This is an electronic device for making colloidal silver. It can produce good quality colloidal silver for far less than the cost of purchasing the silver itself, and is very portable and easy to use. I have had good experience with colloidal silver, and can vouch for it’s effectiveness. My favorite of the brands that I have tried is Mesosilver. The silver from this machine is nearly as good as that, and much better than “silver protein” products. Best of all, it’s cheap. A pair of electrodes can last over 2 years, and is replaceable on this device, for a lot less than the cost of replacing the whole thing. Target price for a complete unit is $75, and it should last a very long time. When the time comes to ramp up production a lot, I will probably finance it with Kickstarter. The battery life expressed in the video is actually less than I expect with these as they are presently designed. It’s probably true with a carbon zinc battery, but an alkaline will last much longer, and so will a full charge on a good rechargeable. Carbon zinc might be a good deal because you can get a pack of 8 of them from the dollar store. That’s at least 24 batches for a buck, plus, of course, the distilled water. Not bad.
This device makes colloidal silver with alternating current, starting at about 30 volts and 10 millihertz. Voltage goes down in the latter half of the cycle to prevent excessive current, which would make the particles bigger and shorten the life of the electrodes. The LED is powered from the same transformer, so it will get dimmer during the latter part of the cycle, giving you a visual indication of progress. I have been doing research on this for a few months, and this is a fourth generation machine. They just keep getting better!


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