Angstrom Sized Colloidal Silver vs Home Made And Larger Sized Particle Silver Colloids

Nancy explains the difference between an Angstrom-sized partical colloidal Silver and colloidal silver made with an electric or other generator in the home. There is also a difference in the colloidal silver made at a company such as, Utopia Silver Supplements, or Meso Silver and the products that you make at home. Properly manufactured colloidal silver has a smaller particle size; than any home made product. This is important in some instances. One instance is if a person is considering taking the product on an every day basis; or in large doses; or large quantities. Another reason for, specifically angstrom-sized, is that the angstrom size will enter the cellular level; where the home made, and the larger-sized particles will not – as efficiently, or effectively reach the cellular level. This is a fact that cannot be dismissed. The proper procedure of making silver in the home, must be followed to avoid consequences such as the skin condition known as argyria. Nancy Koncilja Gurish (One of a series of considerations to take into account when making and/or taking a colloidal silver product!) Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine


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