ANTIVIRAL Care Package for Frontline Workers – 6 things for coronavirus protection

These 6 powerful antiviral agents will help you protect yourself from infectious diseases like coronavirus. I put them all into the care packages I made for the Maui Rescue Mission, a group of frontline workers bringing services and supplies to the homeless. Learn about the anti virus protection from colloidal silver uses and benefits for humans. Discover two powerful antiviral essential oils for flu and infectious microbes, tea tree essential oil and eucalyptus oil. Watch how using a spray bottle can help you avoid coronavirus. Learn about the benefits of Vitamin D to lower your risk of respiratory infections.

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Here’s links to the products mentioned in the video:
Tea Tree Oil, organic, 4oz, Mary Taylor

If above not available, here’s an alternative:
Florona Organic Tea Tree Oil 4oz

Eucalyptus Oil, organic, 4oz, SVA Organics

Spray bottles, 2oz size, glass, pack of 12 (the packs that have quantity 2 or 3 spray bottles are the same price, so I recommend you get the value 12-pack and share with your neighbors and community!):

Doctor’s Best, Vitamin D3, 2500 IU, vegan, 60 caps

Earth Harmony, Vitamin D3, 5000 IU, vegan, 120 caps

NOTE: The strength of the colloidal silver is indicated by PPM, which means “parts per million”. I recommend getting as strong as you can afford. I have listed several options for you to consider, please lmk if these are no longer available:

Colloidal silver, 8oz, 240ppm
Brand: Mountain Minerals $14.90 + $5.50 shipping = $20.40

Colloidal silver, 16oz, 240ppm
Brand: Mountain Minerals $27.50 + $5.50 shipping = $33

Colloidal silver, 16oz, 30ppm
Brand: NutriNoche $25.97

Colloidal silver, 16oz, 30ppm
Brand: Some Jesus Things $25.97 GLASS BOTTLE (not prime but free shipping)

Colloidal silver, 16oz, 30ppm
Brand: Trace Minerals $36.69

Colloidal silver, 8oz, 30ppm
Brand: Mojaworks $15.95 (makes it $32 for 16oz)

These links come from my JoyWatersBest store on Amazon which I created for your convenience! I understand that it takes a long time to research online – so I did it for you! Everything I list will always be vegan and with quality ingredients, and also for the best price I could find for you. I’m a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn (very small) fees by linking to Amazon. This in no way affects you, the price you pay or the way in which I write about products featured on this channel. My content is not influenced by advertisers, affiliate partnerships, brands or PR.

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