Attracting What You Want (Part 4 Of 4) Global Abundance

I concluded part three with the question; “Why is war allowed to exist?”

If the law of attraction is a fundamental law of nature is it in our nature to constantly be at war with each other. Some may have us believe this in the form of “educated” quotes such as “Only the fittest will survive” or some abstract comment like “It’s the law of the jungle.” Darwin in his defense obviously did NOT know about the law of attraction.

The above “ideas” have been taken through history, mixed with military metaphors, mulled over and verbalised in the medical and the corporate world. The ability to notice when negative underlying thoughts are being use and effectively creating (using the law of attraction) negative thoughts and feelings in everyone it touches.

Mother Teresa was asked to attend an anti-war rally in New York some years ago. She knew well the power of the law of attraction; it was no secret to her or those who understood her. She replied. “I do not wish to attend any “anti” war, “anti” drug, “anti” terror rally or meeting. But I will be happy to come along to a peace rally.

There is a simple phrase that describes eloquently the principals some of the world’s greatest passive leaders understood about the law of attraction…

“What you resist will persist.”

The understanding is that if you are going to give power and emotional energy to ANYTHING then it WILL MANIFEST. An anti-war meeting of 2 million or more people has a strong underlying emotional frequency of what they DON’T WANT to happen; remember the universe will act upon the strongest underlying emotion and or thought… your wish is my command.

Two million people complaining about war, poverty, terror and anything else they DON’T WANT in our world are actually FEEDING INTO the very things they are trying to avoid. We all know what we don’t want but we have to balance ourselves with the universe. We can do this by shifting our emphasis on such things as having enormous PEACE meetings/rally’s (no war posters or placards).

We can help end the starvation by NOT focusing STARVATION, instead we could hold a global abundance day via the internet. Using the law of attraction we must leave out or our minds the negative side of an issue and FOCUS ON POSITIVE results. It sounds easy but many people will have been brainwashed into holding inside them an underlying fear of failure. It is these people we must help think their way out of that negative mind-set and rise up the scale of expectation.

Bad news sells (?)

This has got to be the biggest lie we have been fed in the history of humankind. Bad news is brought by anyone and everyone who knows nothing about the law of attraction. However I truly believe that those people who attempt to sell you the idea that “bad-news sells” are deliberately and knowingly abusing the law of attraction.

Bad news CAN BE IGNORED! Don’t be sucked in by the negative wave fear-mongering and scare-mongering tactics used by the propaganda machines of corporate and governmental forces. Bird-flu has been around for 1,000’s of years, HIV can be destroyed by colloidal silver (Brigham Young University), cancer cells explode at 2128 Hz (at least in Spain they do) and so on and so on…

Now if the laws of attraction are working normally you must by now be thinking either this guy is nuts or I’m going to check those claims above. Well, I have no problem with what ever you wish to do since you are building your world not mine. If you believe illnesses are impossible to cure outside the drug industry…your wish is the universes command!

But I digress back to the “law of the Jungle” I mentioned previously by bringing those terms into the medical and corporate working environment we create bigger problems. Below are some examples of how powerful negative “labels” can be. Don’t worry too much about it though because I also show how really powerful positive thoughts can be by the most simple of changes to our language.

o A manager informs the consultant that two departments are in conflict with each other.

o A doctor tells a patient that inside his body a battle is raging between his white cells and a deadly virus.

o Mum sits down for a coffee with her best friend and tells her that she does not understand why her kids are always fighting each other. She is sad that her husband and she are too busy for each other.

o The surgeon is in the theater doing an operation while the general is coordinating the theater of operations. (It gets confusing eh?)

I have spent years using my ears twice as much as my mouth since my grandmother gave me her secret when I was a child. She told me that god gave us two ears and one mouth and we should use them in that ratio…wise my gran

The underlying focused thought or feeling the manager has in our example above tells us that he not only perceives “conflict” in his life but uses it to describe disagreements between others. In the first example it would be wise to change the word “conflict” for something less confrontational like “out of step” with each other?

Now you can see how easy it is to teach two groups to be in-step far easier than it would be to stop a warring conflict.

The second example uses another “war” metaphor to describe what could be anything from a common cold or HIV. The power of the trusted word of a person in a white coat in a context that is accepted by the patient is hardly ever taken advantage of. If the doctor dropped the “war” metaphor and reduced it down to a slight argument would not the patient find it easier to deal with?….and settle the disagreement rather than sit back in fear of losing an internal WAR!

By the law of attraction we can begin to see that it is not just ourselves that impose frequencies that can be detrimental to us. The media, doctors, friends, relatives anyone can and in most cases without even knowing they have done so.


It is imperative that you understand the universe is a limitless source of abundant energy waiting to grant unconscious wishes. It does not know the difference between good and bad, positive and negative, that is our domain. If you can think of the universe as an infinite power station supplying us with all the energy we need.

So now you are tapped into the universal power grid we will call it “The power” Your home is illuminated by “the power” and you’re heating, cooking, entertainment and communication are all possible with “the power” you draw from the universe.

Your thoughts tell the power what to supply, your emotions are energetic pulsed confirmations of your thoughts. These thoughts can be dreams or worries, nightmares or plans for prosperity it’s entirely up to you. The powers only job is to supply you with the manifested focused pre-dominate emotional thoughts you have. What you construct from those thoughts, feelings or that universal power is up to you…ALWAYS!

Many of us are under the illusion that there are not enough resources to give everyone a fair share. The planet is straining at the seams just to keep up with the present demand, earth changes, global warming, wars and dis-ease paint a bleak picture of our future. But as you should already know by now the law of attraction will supply exactly what is most pre-dominate in the minds of millions of people. In the present situation that is mostly worry about all the bad things we can think of.

There is an infinite abundance of everything everywhere in the universe and on, within and surrounding our planet. Think for a moment about the law of attraction in relation to fuel. If enough effort by enough people, thinking the same things feeling the same emotions worked towards splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen thus giving us abundant FREE ENERGY to run almost everything cleanly…Do you think it would happen (excluding the greed of the oil corps). Of course it would because we focused on what we wanted more than what we wanted to complain about (giving the opposite the focus and energy).

There is plenty to go around and feed, cloth and make everyone happy even with the expanding number of new additions to our planet. The spiraling thought in most people minds at this moment in time is the consequences of the carbon footprint in our modern industrial age. As mentioned before global warming should not be ignored but it should not be the focus of our attention. The focus of our underlying pre-dominate emotional thoughts should be directed toward solutions not consequences.

If you believe there are limits to the law of attraction then you have to consider why you placed them there. Remember the Genii Aladdin found in the lamp? “Your wish is my command.” Said he when finally released, he did not start quoting clauses or small print!

Our minds (subconscious) are fully aware of the unlimited potential of life and the infinite nature of the universe. It takes a lot of hard work over many years to convince us otherwise. The result is a cynical nature full of negative expectations and no memory of ever being brainwashed.

Imagine what your world would be like if you believed totally that there is enough of everything for everyone. Imagine if your overriding thoughts and feelings were echoing nothing but positive dreams and expectations.

In a few years from now using the law of attraction we could all be living in a world first. A historically unprecedented event could be gathering momentum in the world of tomorrow. If nothing is in fact too big to dream, want and feel then we could be celebrating our first day in history on this planet where for just one day there are no wars, no conflict, no news organisation is allowed to report bad-news.

Sounds like a crazy idea and as long as it does it will not happen because the law of attraction has been used to stop and call it crazy. Before I bring this final part to its conclusion let me ask you this; “Do the results you now have in your life meet with the expectations you really want?” Are these levels of living you experience at the moment worthy of you and your dreams?

If the results of your life are not want you want or expect are certainly not worthy of you then when would your “NOW” be a right time to change? When and how long do you wish to wait in order to make that first mental change?

All four parts are about change and how to effect that change with almost no effort. Simply change the way you think, it changes the way you feel and that alters the message you give to the universe. You are and always have been the creator to your tomorrow’s world, you will be again tomorrow and the next day and the next…

As Henry Ford once said “If you think you can or can’t either way you are correct.”

Focus on what you want, focus on the good in you and those around you and play the “thank-you” game every week. Follow your thoughts with actions and watch your world begin to change.

Source by Jason Rife

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