Best Colloidal Silver – Faster, Better, Less Expensive

Best Colloidal Silver – Faster, Better, Less Expensive

A generator lets you make as much colloidal silver as you want for a fraction of the price. We have created an extremely fast colloidal generator. Using a perfect balance of stirring speed, electrical current and dynamic cycling of the electrodes our generators create a perfect batch of colloidal silver in an extremely short period of time. Our finished colloidal solutions have an outstanding Tyndall reading and a high parts per million count.

We understand that quality is a big part of a silver generator purchase. We have done thorough testing on our products and the colloidal silver solutions produced them. In our real world testing, we took a generator and subjected it to generating 150+ batches back to back with zero failures and an outstanding colloidal silver solution produced every time. With average usage, that comes to over 12 years of generating colloidal silver worry free! We hand build our generators using quality parts assembled by skilled and qualified technicians. All of our generators go through rigorous testing during the assembly process. These test results and checklists are included in your package order.

Finally there is a professional, high quality colloidal generator available at an affordable price.


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