Struggling with cystic acne? Talking about a product today that I’ve been using that has stopped cystic breakouts in their tracks and has them gone in about 2 days. Clean, natural ingredients, doesn’t cause drying, and doesn’t cause sensitivity to sun! Let me know what you guys think!

Link to purchase the product highlighted in this video:

Also check out some other products they have on this green beauty site – they have awesome small organic beauty brands that you cannot find a lot of other places!

PLEASE RESEARCH “COLLOIDAL SILVER” thoroughly before using. There are tremendous benefits, however there are also some side effects such as “argyria” which is a blueish-grayish discoloration of the skin with prolonged use. To clarify, the ingredient “MICROSILVER BG” that is used in this product is different from colloidal silver in a few ways. Most importantly: IT DOES NOT COME ALONG WITH THESE SIDE AFFECTS WITH PROLONGED USE! Also, it is NANO-FREE, meaning the particle size of the silver is too large to penetrate the skin to enter the bloodstream. I highly recommend to check out the FAQ page here for more info:
I have been using this product for over a year and have not experienced any issues.

As mentioned in the video, this video is NOT SPONSORED! Just trying to help people out that are looking for natural remedies to their skin issues and who are sick of using the conventional products out there that are ruining our skin!

Thank you so much for watching!

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Affiliate Notes: This piece is in no way sponsored and I was not asked by this company to feature them. However, I did include my affiliate link above. This means that if you end up making a purchase a small referral commission will flow through to me. Read my full promise to you here:


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