Candida Antifungal Rotation Suggestions and Recommendations

This friend of mine is new to the diet and asked me a few question about candida antifungal rotation. She would like to rotate oil of oregano with nystatin, without exactly sure how often to rotate the oil of oregano and nystatin, though. She wonders if she should be adding yet another yeast killer to the mix to rotate as well.

She has just started a round of oil or oregano after a short rotation of nystatin, and is experiencing intense die-off symptoms, which means a good thing. She needs some suggestion to some other good yeast killers to throw into this rotation, as she believes someone mentioned olive leaf extract and garlic to her before.

From reading both various sites and, of course, my personal experience, I understand that you need to rotate yeast killers every four days. I have most often seen where you take one for four days, then another for four days. Most often they seem to suggest the use of 4 different yeast killers rotated every four days. That has been my understanding from most things I have read. The reason to rotate them is to prevent the yeast become immune to them.

As for the suggestion, Pau D’ Arco, Colloidal Silver, and Grapefruit seed extract are supposed to be good. Follow directions on bottles before using them. Thorne’s Formulas SF722 at is also a great product to consider. You will have to speak to a counselor before they sell it to you, but it is worth it. It is not very expensive either. Every time I take it, I experience die-off symptoms which I don’t mind because I know it is working.

Source by Angie Lindsey

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