Colloidal Gold and Expression Wrinkles

Expression wrinkles are often treated by natural homeopathic therapies and by means of mineral and herbal supplements; one of the most efficient supplements is colloidal gold, a compound that is widely used in lots of cosmetic products. Expression wrinkles are more likely to appear in the eye area, and around the mouth particularly where the skin starts to lose its elasticity with the passing years. The first reason for age decay lies in the decrease of collagen in the cells as this protein is the one to maintain skin flexibility.

On the one hand colloidal gold has one of the greatest antioxidant properties and on the other it connects to the most profound levels of the cellular structure due to the incredibly reduced size of the nano-particles in suspension. It comes with a positive electrical charge that makes the ions in the skin respond too, and all these advantages are tributary to a very complex manufacturing procedure that consists in the accumulation of silver around the positive electrode.

In case there are any inter-cellular broken connections, colloidal gold helps to the restoration of the tissues, by accelerating the new regrowth rhythm. This means that in a short while your expression wrinkles will start to diminish and there will be a significant change in your look. Colloidal gold is included in face soaps, gels, body lotions and cosmetic masks, very often in combination with other natural compounds.

Colloidal gold cosmetic treatments can be used in association with very efficient collagen-based anti-wrinkle creams that regenerate the age-damaged tissue. Collagen is a protein that is naturally produced by the body but its level drops with age and the system stops producing it. A synergistic action of both colloidal gold and other natural cosmetic treatments should preserve skin condition for a longer period of time.

Source by Ben W Taylor

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