Colloidal Gold Manufacturing Secrets

The manufacturing process is very similar for a whole range of colloidal minerals: gold, silver, platinum, titanium and so on. However, the most well-known homeopathic products to be used from the list are colloidal gold and silver. They are both obtained with the help of the so-called colloidal generators that may produce several colloids at the same time, each with a variety of concentrations. Colloidal gold generators usually incorporate switched polarity, permanent current flow, high frequency pulsation devices and a special piece of equipment that stirs and homogenizes the suspension. The voltage of the generators may vary; however, the 48v system is the considered the most advanced.

The main healing properties of gold come from its non-corrosive nature and great electrical features. The colloidal gold generator creates positively charged gold atoms by the action of its positive electrode or the Anode; usually, before the start of the process as such, the distilled water already contains some ions that increase its conductive nature even further. Colloidal gold takes more time to manufacture than colloidal silver and the explanation of the phenomenon lies in the slow formation of the positive ions at the Anode; colloidal gold requires at least two days in order to reach a 0.5 or 1 ppm concentration.

What is the advantage of a 48v system in the production of colloidal gold? The quality of the suspension depends on the dimension of the tiny gold particles; the smaller the nano-particles, the greater the colloidal gold efficiency. The 48 volt electric current enables the formation of more gold particles that remain suspended in the ionized water, without affecting the therapeutic effects of the compound. Studies show that colloidal gold with particles larger than 200 nano-meters gives great pink colors, yet, it is less biologically compatible and effective for the body.

Cationic gold used in some products follows a different technological process; the preparation is more complex, requiring chemical combinations that are too advanced to be produced in regular laboratories. Nevertheless, cationic gold is used for a variety of applications some of them completely distinct from the medical world. In biological combinations, cationic colloidal gold reaches 7 pH levels and its therapeutic use is still in the infancy stage. Technical supportive information is abundant in the field particularly for those interested in experimenting with home colloidal generators; however, for the regular consumer anionic colloidal gold remains the first and best choice of all.

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