Colloidal Gold’s Benefits Revealed Through Scientific Research

When we look at the medical history of human kind since the dawn of time, we see some interesting trends that take place. One such trend is the fact that although the life span of humans has increased considerably in the last 5000 years, (health wise) the quality of life has decreased considerably. In anthropological researches conducted by scientists, it is seen that the formidable diseases of today (such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and depression) were not seen back then. Although the style of life accounts somewhat for these results, it is thought that the feeding habits of the ancient people could account for this healthy state.

A scientific analysis of our ancestors shows that their diet consisted of trace minerals and elements that are not found today. The diet that they ate consisted of trace elements such as selenium, platinum, silver and gold. This is a serious problem, as nowadays the food stuffs found in nature lack these trace elements. Especially silver and gold has been found to be beneficial to various health properties in the human body.

Ancient Chinese and ancient Mayans have used gold in their diet regularly. It was thought that eating gold in minute amounts would make the body more stronger and more durable. This was mainly due to the fact that gold was found in trace amounts in the soil and by eating plans and animal flesh that was grown in that soil, they were able to receive their daily dose of gold and other trace minerals. In addition, it was documented that joint pains was reduced considerably and consuming gold had an uplifting effect against depression. A French study in 1927 showed that placing a 5 dollar gold coin on a painful joint reduced the pain considerably and improved the circulation around the effected area.

Although gold is not found naturally these days, you have the option of using colloidal gold which is specially prepared food stuff. It can also be called a super food, as it allows your body to gain the positive attributes that gold can give to your health. Colloidal gold is formed by the electrolysis process which allows minute amounts of gold to be dissolved in a liquid form. Pure 24 K gold electrodes are subjected to thousands of volts of electricity. This process allows the gold molecules to be dissolved and purplish red colloidal gold solution is formed as a result. The molecular structure and the electron configuration of colloidal gold are perfectly suited for its healing properties.

By using colloidal gold regularly, you are able to reduce joint pains, increase the strength of your immune system, gain a sense of euphoria, reduce depression, combat fatigue, and improve circulation in your body. A research by the University of California in 1996 has also shown that usage of colloidal gold has an effect of increasing cellular repair processes in the certain parts of your body. One of the good things about using colloidal gold is the fact that it is completely non toxic and it can be easily consumed by adults and children without any discernible side effects.

Source by Paul S Fitzgerald

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