Colloidal Silver And The Healing Crisis

Though generally known for the great antibiotic properties, colloidal silver also has great cleansing effects at the level of the internal organs. Many therapists recommend colloidal silver for intensive detoxification programs, particularly when the health condition is seriously affected by the over-accumulation of toxins and heavy metals. Colloidal silver administered for prevention of disease is usually taken in small quantities on a daily basis. As such, the product can be used for an indefinite period of time without any risks at all. Yet, when a disease is already affecting the body system, a higher dosage of colloidal silver is recommended and the intake may often trigger a whole range of symptoms.

At the beginning of any detoxification process, a higher stress is placed on the internal organs that make efforts to eliminate the harmful substances from the body. The most sensitive are the liver, the kidneys and the spleen as they are usually the ones clogged with impurities and chemicals taken from food, water or air. Colloidal silver accumulates in the cells and starts a process of metabolic acceleration and elimination of residues. The process doesn’t go unnoticed as many patients intensely experience the healing crisis.

The elimination of viruses, bacteria or fungi by the action of colloidal silver can be similarly strenuous for the body system; the internal organs become over-burdened and you may experience a variety of flu-like symptoms. Tiredness, dizziness, headaches, sweating, dry mouth, diarrhea and even fever may be associated with the healing crisis. You can assist the body by drinking lots of water, at least two liters per day, and supplementing the intake of C vitamin during the colloidal silver treatment. It is ideal to have fresh grapefruit and lemon juice included in your regular diet.

If you consult a homeopathic practitioner and he or she prescribes you a higher amount of colloidal silver than the normal maintenance dosage, you should be careful with the supplementary recommendations you also need. When taken in larger amounts so as to effectively and rapidly eliminate an infection, besides the acute healing crisis you may experience side effects as the ones triggered by antibiotics. The intestinal flora may be damaged and the first symptom is diarrhea; this can be easily mistaken for the healing crisis, however, it is essential that you increase the probiotic food during the treatment. Eat fresh yogurt that contains live bacterial cultures or take acidophilus supplements.

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