Colloidal Silver Blue Man Hoax Fraud $ $

Blue boy is nothing but a blatant bashing campaign to a noble metal that has been used since 1850. With Hundreds of millions of users of colloidal silver in the last 100 years, you would think that the bashers could get more evidence of the colloidal silver side effects. These side effects only happen to people that are allergic or that have made their home made chemical brews like Paul Karason. Then there are 60-year-old pictures of other persons that contracted argyria, and with NO medical documents explaining how they contracted it or evidence if they were allergic to colloidal silver. The Bashing Campaign has NO merit.”

It’s funny after he smiled for the cameras, and people instantly caught on to the scheme, that they displayed new pictures of him with an unhappy frown.

Typical cheap Low PPM Chemical Colloidal Silver is not good and does not work. Paul Karason proves that. He drank gallons upon gallons of his homemade chemical colloidal “soup” to build his immune system, notice how his hair turned gray, it’s another side effect of chemical colloidal silver.

Proof that low PPM products do not work, or if they do, they take too long, and the cost of using chemical colloids could be gray hair or loss of hair. Colloidal Silver 3000 PPM to 15,000 PPM is the safest non-chemical and most powerful option available in the world.

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