Colloidal Silver by Nebuliser

Colloidal Silver delivered by steam inhaler, or nebuliser, is an extremely efficient way to treat sinus infections, colds and flu’s.
You’ll need to be careful that you are using high quality colloidal silver.
Also approach the treatment with caution in the case of infants, children or elderly patients.
Try three sniffs morning and night the first day.
Increase the dosage the second day to maybe five inhalations morning and night.
If there’s a lot of mucus on the chest or in the sinuses, the colloidal silver inhalation can cause the body to suddenly try and get rid of it and this can bring about a coughing fit. So work up the dosage carefully.
Don’t try this unless the person has consulted their own doctor first . Don’t rely on this method as your first option and be particularly careful with people with damaged lungs and asthma. The treatment can provoke fits of coughing and overdosage could bring about a medical emergency. For information only.


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