Colloidal Silver Complete Instructions, How to Make Ionic Silver Step by Step

How to Make Ionic Silver Step by Step | Colloidal Silver Step by Step | Colloidal Silver Complete Instructions | How to make Colloidal Silver | How to make colloidal silver complete instructions
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HOW TO MAKE COLLOIDAL SILVER AT HOME. Make Your Own Colloidal Silver at home for mere cents (pennies) a gallon! Startup cost is only one 99.999% PURE silver rod which you cut into 2 lengths, plus any (safe) power supply that you very likely already have at home (like a 9volt to 15volt ‘plug pack’) – Voltage isn’t critical – This is a free substitute for commercial ‘Colloidal Silver Generators’!

** ONLY EVER use Pure distilled water! NOT mineral or tap water, ONLY distilled! – Following this method, nothing enters the body with the Colloidal Silver that I personally make! You can buy Distilled Water cheaply, or even make it yourself at home if you use a lot of it. This is how;

*** Also – ONLY EVER EVER use PURE silver ‘rods’ of 99.999% purity (which is as pure as you can get); You will have to buy this rod from a metal merchant (Google for best prices in your country) – In Australia it cost me currently around AU$80 (~US$55) and a glass container. It’s also vital to buy a TDS meter as a GUIDE to monitor production

This is a step-by-step demonstration of how I make CS. Store jar in the dark to prolong it’s life, otherwise it will discolour, but still be usable. Colloidal silver can be used topically, or taken (in small regular doses) internally. I have used it for infections, sore throat, rashes, burns and even as a Rosacea treatment (Link above)

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic that can be taken internally or used externally (even made into ointment) on wounds, burns, etc. It even kills antibiotic resistant “super germs” (MRSA.) Colloidal silver is a great natural medicine for survivalists and people seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical options. Colloidal Silver that kills 650 infectious diseases. Many people recommend regular use to strengthen the immune system and ward off flu, but I prefer to use it only when needed and only in small amounts. You’ll find a lot of negative media hype (I strongly suspect promoted by pharmaceutical companies!) & quite a few comments by self-proclaimed ‘experts’ about colloidal silver & argyria, but the VERY FEW people whose skin discoloured (2 I think); ALL used ludicrously large amounts – Drank a Litre PLUS every day! which is crazy! & mostly used silver protein or a silver compound such as silver nitrate, which is NOT Colloidal Silver! I have been using it for medicinal purposes for 20 years (when needed) & I’m still not blue!!

Silver is a powerful, natural antibiotic, used for thousands of years with no known side effects. Colloidal Silver is a catalyst, disabling the particular enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungus and virus, use for their oxygen metabolism.

A colloid is a solution that has particles ranging between 1 and 1000 nanometers in diameter, yet are still able to remain evenly distributed. These are also known as colloidal dispersions.
Medical uses of silver include the use of silver in wound dressings, creams, and as an antibiotic coating on medical devices. Tentative evidence says that silver coatings on endotracheal breathing tubes may reduce the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia.The silver ion (Ag+) is bioactive and in sufficient concentration readily kills bacteria in vitro. I’ve also discovered that inhalation via nebulizer or CPAP has cured me of bronchial chest infections which pharmaceutical options were not able to do.

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Colloidal silver is expensive to buy, but easy to make yourself at home. *Whether you choose to call this Colloidal Silver, Ionic Silver or nano silver – THIS is the method I’ve ALWAYS used, to great effect! – Taken Both INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY! The sole purpose of this video (& the remake) is to show you HOW to make it cheaply as an EFFECTIVE alternative solution which I have found works, where some pharmaceutical options, have not – i.e., for Rosacea, where a skin SPECIALIST told me there “was no natural option” – I made a batch of Colloidal Silver & cured it in a week! (results may vary);

I used colloidal silver to splash on my face a few times a day, and drank maybe 20 – 50ml per day UNTIL my Rosacea went away, WHICH only took a day or so.
* Limit intake to maybe 25ml twice a day only.

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