Colloidal Silver Has Been Used As a Powerful Antiseptic

As you no doubt have already heard, colloidal silver is a very powerful natural remedy and has many health advantages. Some of the things you may have heard from the main stream media may vary from what is actually the case. The truth of the matter is colloidal silver has been around for a very long time and has been widely used for many decades now to effectively fight many of the harmful bacteria and germs that are out there.

Many people might not know this, but silver was commonly used a medical antiseptic many years ago, to clean medical instruments and operating surfaces. Unfortunately today, colloidal silver has been reduced by the mainstream media to a wishy washy natural remedy that may or may not work. But as the flow of information becomes free due to the internet, many more people are becoming reacquainted with the benefits of colloidal silver.

When colloidal silver was becoming very popular with the average person, and they were relying less and less on pharmaceutical drugs, there was a wave of panic that spread throughout the big corporate interests and they developed a smear campaign that was designed to undermine the true effectiveness of colloidal silver. This is around the time a myth was created that if you consumed too much silver then you would turn blue.

Some of you might have noticed that when a product is discovered that has the ability to treat or cure a wide array of diseases, you hear about it for a short period of time, and then you never hear of it again. This is because as the big boys learn of any new discovery, then they lobby against such products, and turn them into controlled substances. This is done so as there are less and less effective disease prevention drugs out there, and more and more sick people, which equates to more profits.

From my own experience I have found this to be the case, whenever the TV or main stream media is trying to push something onto us as being “fact,” in most cases the opposite is true. That is why these days you must do your own research to determine for yourself, what is true and what is not, in regards to health and almost every other topic.

For me personally, colloidal silver has been my go to product whenever I’m feeling a little under the weather, or if my immune system has been compromised by whatever means. This is because it has always performed for me and it speeds up my recovery time dramatically every time.

I am positive that if you do a little investigation for your self the you to will realize that colloidal silver is definitely an unsung hero in the natural healing arena, due to the fact that it can safely eradicate almost 650 of the known strains of bacteria and almost all harmful germs, and on top of that it is all natural. I would suggest that you check it out for yourself and get some.

Source by Mary X Cote

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