Colloidal Silver It's Benefits and How to Make it at Home

I did this presentation on how to make colloidal silver to the St. Louis Oathkeepers back on January 27, 2014. My training and background was in microbiology, so I can speak from my experience and knowledge of microorganisms. People need this information now more than ever with COVID-19 being a major concern.

I provide information on the supplies you need to make colloidal silver. You must be very careful about the type of water and silver you use. I also teach how to make a very simple DIY generator. You do not need to purchase an expensive generator and silver to make colloidal silver. I teach you how to make your colloidal silver for virtually pennies per quart.

My friend, Doug Weed (The New Survivalist) recorded and posted the original video on YouTube. He passed away several years ago. He did so much for our community to help people prepare for disasters and emergencies.
If you would like to see more of his videos, visit his channel at:


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