Colloidal Silver Laser Pointer Light Test

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Colloidal Silver Laser Pointer Light Test

In this video you’ll learn how to do the simple “laser pointer light test” for making sure your colloidal silver solution actually has silver particles in it. The laser pointer light test is the simplest and most inexpensive way to test a colloidal silver solution and demonstrate visually that there are literally billions of sub-microscopic silver particles suspended in the solution.

Just go into a dark room with a clear glassful of colloidal silver and shine a red laser pointer light into the solution, from top to bottom. You’ll see a thin red beam of light shining through the solution. That’s because the red laser light reflects off the surfaces of the billions of tiny, submicroscopic silver particles suspended in the solution, which in turn forms that thin beam of light.

However, if you were to shine your red laser light into a glass full of pure, steam-distilled water, you’d get no laser light beam at all, because there’s no mineral content in steam-distilled water for the red laser light to reflect off of. This is how you prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that your colloidal silver solution actually contains billions of suspended sub-microscopic silver particles.

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