Colloidal Silver Sinus Infection – Does it Work?

In the medical world, it is still being debated whether colloidal silver is effective in treating different kinds of diseases or not. Surprisingly, there are some people who used this product and have said that it is very effective in treating various illnesses, which include sinus infections.

In the past, silver has been found to be very effective in fighting off viruses, fungus, and eve bacteria. In fact, most American pioneers used silver dollar in their milk in order to preserve its freshness. Try to think of the fact that in those days, there were no fridges existing yet. So, in order to keep their milk fresh, people put silver dollars in their milk jugs as silver have been known to kill bacteria and other things that may cause the milk to spoil.

It has been found that colloidal silver is not a panacea or a poison. In fact, it has been proven to be a very effective antibiotic. Because of its prophylactic properties, ancient Greeks used silver to line their plates and drinking vessels with this element. You also need to consider the fact that spoons and forks and other eating utensils are silver.

Although the supplemental form of colloidal silver is banned by the FDA, there are other colloidal silver products that you can use.

It has been found that colloidal silver is very effective against sinus infections. So, in order to get a hold of colloidal silver, you can purchase your very own colloidal silver generator. With this device, you will be able to make your own colloidal silver supplement that you can take to treat your sinus infection.

The great thing about making your own colloidal silver product is that it is very cheap and you will have a lifetime supply of the product. By taking an ounce twice a day, you will see that it will have therapeutic effects when it comes to treating sinus infections.

The fact that sinus infections can reduce the quality of your life and because modern or conventional medicines for sinus infections can produce negative side effects, colloidal silver is your number one choice in treating your sinus infection.

The great thing about this is that not only is it cheap, but it is also proven to be effective against sinus infections.

After some time, you will see that your ears and nose will eventually clear up. The pain that sinus infection causes will also be diminished and improve the quality of your life.

You have to remember that colloidal silver is a very powerful antibiotic. With it, you will be able to keep your body from being infected with bacteria, virus and even fungus. So, if you have sinus infection and it is already starting to irritate you and you are allergic to some of the medications available, you may want to try colloidal silver.

This will not only effectively treat sinus infections, but will also keep your body healthy and virtually free from any infections.

Colloidal silver is not a poison as some people may suggest. In fact, it can provide great effects in treating different kinds of illnesses which includes sinus infection. With colloidal silver, you will see that this will be able to effectively eliminate sinus infection and improve the quality of your life.

Source by Shawn Woods

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