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When examining the variety of bottled colloidal silver at a health food store, it becomes evident that most manufacturers favor yellow-colored silver. The very idea of silver being “yellow” is confusing for many people. Some individuals have speculated that the yellow color is the result of sulfur or iron contamination. Others say the yellow color is the result of stabilizers containing a yellow dye. The continuous change in color from yellow to blue corresponds to a change n the absorption maximum of the shorter to longer wave-lengths with a decreasing degree of dispersion. This is a general phenomenon in colloid chemistry illustrating the relation between color and degree of dispersion. It turns out that all metals have a yellow phase when they are broken down into sub-microscopic particles in water. This is because color is the result of a specific particle size–rather than the metallic content of that particle–and the spacing between the particles. Therefore, colloidal silver can produce a yellow appearance when the particles fall somewhere between .01 to .001 microns (10-100 angstroms) and are evenly dispersed. This is the result of the absorption of indigo light by the colloid, which leaves its inverse color, yellow, to be refracted. In short, color equals particle size plus dispersion. This is why yellow colloidal silver appears clear for the first few hours after its manufacture. It takes several hours for the particles to evenly disperse through the water, creating a gradual deepening of color. The density of the colloid produces the intensity of the color. From 1 to 20 ppm, the color will range from very light yellow to yellow to amber. A shift in color indicates a new silver particle agglomeration size plus dispersion.

From small to large, the spectrum reads as follows: clear, yellow, red, green and blue. While trace elements can affect conductivity and, therefore, influence agglomeration rates, color is not always a function of trace elements per se. Of all the various colloids of the spectrum, clear colloidal silver is the highest quality simply because it consists of the smallest particle size. The yellow colloidal silver may be less effective than the clear colloid because of the slightly larger silver particles. Colloids are by nature the smallest particles matter can be divided into while still retaining individual characteristics of that matter. Reducing a piece of metallic silver into a cloud of submicroscopic particles greatly extends its total surface area, and so its healing properties, while deepening its penetration into the body. The minute particles also afford ease of elimination and therefore the absence of toxicity. Upon ingesting the silver colloid, the silver particles quickly pass through the stomach lining and into the bloodstream, where they circulate for about a week before elimination. There is also evidence that the majority of silver particles are eliminated within 24 hours, though this can vary with particle size and body chemistry.


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