Couch Parrotlets Koolaid & Smokey

Smokey plucking again, not sure why. The weather has gotten a lot cooler, and I’ve also been giving her some pure aloe juice & high quality colloidal silver. I hope she’s just detoxing or the weather triggered her sensitivity.
One thing I noticed is that her nostrils all the sudden opened up. So that is a really good sign, because that is the one thing that’s had her down & out the last 3 yrs since she had a lung infection. I suspect she still has a virus, so I’m trying to detox it out. They also just finished the batch of bird mash with all the nutritious ingredients in it that I had frozen in small batches in the freezer. I hope that helped as well.
PaiMei, the ever curious Maltese is always gentle with them. He barks anytime any of my birds fly, that’s the only thing that bothers me. I don’t think he understands they’re like the birds outside? He doesn’t bark at them! Lol. 😉
Here’s to fall weather….Sept 21, 2016

Vancouver Canada


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