Excessive Fatigue May Be a Sign of Candida Syndrome – Candida Symptoms Explored

Excessive fatigue or fatigue that is unexplainable may be a sign of Candida Syndrome, a common condition that often goes undiagnosed in the United States. Candida Syndrome occurs with the balance of they yeast Candida Albicans is upset by an incorrect balance of bacteria in the body, causing the yeast organism to proliferate and take over healthy microorganisms. Normal amounts of Candida Albicans live in harmony with a variety of microorganisms in our bodies, but once this hardy organism proliferates it can cause a variety of problems including excessive fatigue.

Candida Symptoms

Candida often goes undiagnosed and Americans suffer with Candida Syndrome sometimes for years being told that the symptoms are all in their heads. Some common Candida Symptoms are:

Cravings for sweets Inability to think or concentrate Hyperactivity Mood swings Diarrhea Constipation Itching Vaginitis Anxiety Excessive fatigue Headaches Abdominal pain or gas Acne Muscle weakness Irritability Learning difficulties Thrush Athletes foot Earaches Low sex drive Persistent cough Sore throat Acid reflux Chronic pain

In addition to these Candida symptoms, Candida Syndrome may lead to almost any chronic illness you can think of. Alcoholism, anxiety disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, clinical depression, lupus, migraines and more can all be linked back to Candida Syndrome.

Preventing or Reducing Candida Symptoms

Nutritionists recommend taking acidophilus on a daily basis to defend against yeast overgrowth, especially if you’re on antibiotics because antibiotics kill the healthy bacteria present in your body which keeps Candida Albicans in check. Another trick to reducing your risk for Candida Syndrome is to eliminate sugars and refined foods in your diet. Some nutritionists even recommend eliminated fruits and high carbohydrate foods from your diet. Choose instead to eat healthy alternatives such as brown rice or potatoes, vegetables and yogurt, meat and eggs. Adding oxygen based products into your diet such as oregano, grapefruit seed extract and colloidal silver are also known to help reduce Candida symptoms. Supplements such as Protandim that help to remove free radicals that cause oxidative stress may also help reduce Candida symptoms because it increases dietary intake of antioxidants.

When Excessive Fatigue Isn’t From Candida Syndrome

Although Candida Syndrome is a common cause of fatigue, it’s certainly not the only cause. Excessive fatigue can be caused by a number of factors including, stress, anxiety, lack of exercise, poor diet, and oxidative stress caused by free radicals in your body. The most effective way to eliminate oxidative stress is to combat it with antioxidants. To counteract oxidative stress, the body already produces antioxidants to defend itself. It’s the job of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals that can harm our cells. Poor diet, smoking and pollution can all reduce the amount of antioxidants your body can produce.

However, your body’s internal production of antioxidants is not enough to neutralize all the free radicals and it is wise to increase your dietary intake of antioxidants. Antioxidants are found in many foods including blueberries, pomagranants, black and green teas, citrus fruits, carrots and tomatoes. Studies have shown that people who eat foods high in antioxidants are less likely to get cancer, heart disease and stroke. Plus, if you have enough antioxidants in your body to neutralize free radicals you’ll suffer less from excessive fatigue, mood swings and anxiety.

Unfortunately, eating antioxidant foods doesn’t always introduce enough antioxidants into our bodies to fully combat free radicals, and the number of Americans who claim that fatigue plagues them is increasing to alarming rates. There are also a variety of supplements that can be taken which decrease oxidative stress, such as Protandim, which triggers the creation of enzymes to eliminate over a million free radical molecules in your body per second. Protandim is more effective than foods like blueberries because it reduces anti-oxidative stress at a much faster rate than foods can.

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