Fast Impetigo Treatment To Heal Impetigo

There are many incredible Impetigo treatments that are available that have been known to be effective, from antibiotics to home remedies. In this article, I’m going to share an extremely powerful Impetigo treatment that has been around for ages and has been proven time and time again to heal Impetigo quickly.

Since Impetigo is a contagious bacterial infection, the best way to treat it is through an antibiotic. While going to your doctor and having a prescribed antibiotic isn’t the best Impetigo treatment that I recommend, there are other safe methods that are more available.

For example, Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver was the most popular antibiotic in use until 1938. After that, the pharmaceutical companies started producing antibiotics that are more powerful, but can cause harm to our bodies. The primary benefit and reason why I recommend Colloidal Silver as an Impetigo treatment, is because it is a natural antibiotic. It’s also anti-viral and anti-fungal, and can be used externally and internally. It doesn’t have the same side effects or produce harm to your body like a prescription antibiotic can.

Where can you get Colloidal Silver?

You can purchase Colloidal Silver at any local health foods store. It generally comes in a liquid form and is very inexpensive.

How do I use Colloidal Silver as an Impetigo treatment?

Like I said earlier, you can use it externally or internally. For external use, you can apply 1-3 drops onto your Impetigo skin rash, which will help kill any bacteria and provide a healing affect to the blisters and rash.

For internal use, you can ingest 1-3 drops in a glass of water and drink it. This will kill off the bacteria in the body that is causing the Impetigo rash and boost your immune system.

You want to make sure you are drinking lots of water and staying hydrated while consuming any antibiotic. Also, because antibiotics kill of the good bacteria in your body, it is recommended that you take probiotics as well. This way you’re still maintaining good bacteria in your body, while killing off the bad bacteria that is causing Impetigo.

Not only that, but probiotics fight off bad bacteria as well, which will help as an Impetigo treatment.

How long will this take to heal Impetigo?

If you do this, along with avoiding scratching or making sure the rash gets infected, you should be able to heal Impetigo within days. There are many other remedies and natural treatments that I recommend that can help as well.

Source by Stephen Sanderson

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