FromBora Colloidal Silver Generator Unboxing (NEW INNOVATIVE EUROPEAN COMPANY)

FromBora Colloidal Silver Generator Unboxing (NEW INNOVATIVE EUROPEAN COMPANY)

This is a new, very innovative small company from Europe, which has decided to bring new, innovative but still very reasonable priced Colloidal Silver generators on the market. This is exactly what I was looking for after my disappointment with the “LifeForce EZ-2 Colloidal Silver Generator Package”. Here in this video I’m going to show you the unboxing of the components which they deliver with their “simple generate” and “smart generator”. Making colloidal silver has never been looking so easy.

Here their brand new Amazon (PRIME!) listings:
– FromBora Colloidal Silver Generator kit:
– FromBora Colloidal Silver Generator kit MAX:

They ship worldwide and I got it very fast even during the current pandemy! Here the links to their website and eBay listing:

– AMAZON PRIME coming soon (will be updated here) – please stay tuned!

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