Herbal Supplements for Autism Children in a Yeast Diet

My friend’s son is 3.5 years old, with autism and an intestinal bacteria (citrobacter freundii) problem, and now is on a GFCF diet, no sugar-yeast diet. He has been on this diet since 7 months ago. He went through the typical regression and withdrawal periods. He takes Yeast Control (from Kirkman Labs), 320mg L.acidophilus, 250mg Vitamin C, and 3mg melatonin daily.

He went to the doctor today and diagnosed a sinus infection. The doctor prescribed him Cefzil. He is resistant to 4 kinds of antibiotics. His parents haven’t had to worry about giving him any antibiotics. So, they are scared that if they gave it to him, they are wiping out the last 7 months of treatment. They want to know if there is any herbal supplement that they can give him. They also asked the protocol for treating the gut while on antibiotics. They didn’t treat the citro, as they thought the Yeast Control/probiotic regimen would have taken care of that. But if it didn’t, would this antibiotic help? That’s another question they asked.

I have used the colloidal silver to drink as an antibiotic and it helped. I also used it for my ears, I have a salve and a throat spray, and recently I bought the lozenges. I have never given it to children, but I know you could.

There is also a new product called Xlear you can get over the counter that is safe for infants. It is a nasal spray with something called Xylitol in it which coats bacteria to render it harmless while it is being drained from the body. I have used it successfully to ward off two sinus infections without antibiotics.

If you use homeopathic, a good one for sinus problems is Pulsatilla. I have used it a lot to my children. Of course, vitamin C throughout the day, a decongestant (without antihistamines), and lots of water would help as well.

Source by Angie Lindsey

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