Homemade Colloidal Silver – Amazing discovery!

Discovery I made by accident, about how to store colloidal silver without it plating out. Was stored for at least 1 year in a clear jar, in the light, and almost none of the silver has stuck to the sides of the jar. Normally if you make your own homemade colloidal silver, it will slowly break down, and a lot of the silver will plate out on the sides of the jar, turning the jar a cool golden color, then eventually a black color after several months. Storing the electrodes in the silver seems to maintain the integrity of the silver. I discovered this by accident, and wanted to share.

This silver was made with a DC power supply that had adjustable voltage output. I started with 45 volts, using pure distilled water. Then I slowly decreased the voltage as the silver water was being made, because the conductivity of the water increases as the PPM of silver increases. I stopped at 15 PPM (parts per million). You can purchase a PPM meter for water on eBay or Amazon. You can purchase 99.999% silver electrodes on eBay, preferably 14 gauge, with an “assay” sheet that shows test results for possible impurities.

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