How do I store my Colloidal Silver?

Store away from sunlight and other bright lights. Bright lights can cause the Colloidal Silver to oxidize, falling out of suspension, and your Colloidal Silver will lose its potency.

Storage Temperature: Store in a dark place, somewhere where the temperature does not fluctuate too much. Colloidal Silver is best stored at room temperature, a dark cupboard is ideal. Looking after it in this way can extend the life of your Colloidal Silver quite dramatically. Never store Colloidal Silver in the fridge as this causes the silver particles to clump together rendering the Colloidal Silver useless.

Store your Colloidal Silver away from Magnetic fields, at least one and a half meters from your microwave, oven, fridge, stereo speakers, television etc. as magnetic fields can upset the potency of your Colloidal Silver.

Remember to always use glass or plastic when administering Colloidal Silver.

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