How Does Colloidal Silver Help Heal Cuts?

We need, at first, to examine how the body functions in a normal way. You may be aware that your body sheds its entire skin every 8 to 30 days, and replaces it with new skin cells. This process may be accelerated by prolonged exposure to direct sun light, and many of you will peel sheets of skin, rather than small flakes, (these flakes account for up to 80% of household dust!) The blood is made up of three major components; red blood cells which carry oxygen and nutrients to all parts, these are called erythrocytes; white blood cells, which fight infection, called leukocytes; platelets, which are a clotting agent, called thrombocytes, and various proteins and chemicals carried in the plasma.

In the case of accidental trauma, such as a cut or a burn, the body reacts instantly, by reducing the blood supply to the extremities, in order to prevent excessive blood loss. This has the effect of making the casualty feel faint, the same effect being observed in witnesses, whose body reacts the same way. The body then sets about affecting a repair, rushing white blood cells and platelets to the site to prevent infection and stem the blood flow by clotting, forming a scab. Any toxins formed by the trauma are eliminated and carried away. On occasion, cuts may be too severe for the body to repair, and in these cases, stitches may be required. Once the scab drops off, sometime later, faint scarring may be observed. Under the skin, repairs have already taken place, sealing the cut.

This is where Colloidal Silver comes in. In his book, The Body Electric, Dr. Robert O. Becker reports that application and ingestion of Colloidal Silver accelerated the healing process by around 50%, and has a positive effect on the prevention of infection. Furthermore, he observed that with the application of Silver, the body not only provided replacement cells to replace those damaged, but also, for every cell produced, an unusually specialised cell was also formed, plus a duplicate cell, as the normal cell divided.

This “specialised” cell was then able to act as a stem cell, which can morph into any type of body cell, and travel to where needed.Thus it would not only duplicate and repair skin tissue, but could also regenerate damaged muscle as well. He noted a reduction in the production of scar tissue, and a lessening of the dimple effect at the site. It may be that the Colloidal Silver had, in some way, stimulated the DNA to produce these variant cells as a way of rapidly promoting the repair of the traumatised area. It was also found that the application of silver rods to the skin, and the passage of a small electric current through them had similar effects.

Whatever conclusions are drawn, it is a fact that colloidal silver is a known disinfectant and antibacterial agent, which is non-irritant, and perfectly safe for topical application, and should be part of everybody’s first aid kit.

Source by Marjorie Thornton

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