How to Find the Strength of Colloidal Silver

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This video will show you how to find the strength of colloidal silver.

It’s hard to find the strength of CS. People often use a TDS meter. However, colloidal silver is silver particles that are suspended in solution – only silver ions are dissolved. So TDS meters will only measure the ionic silver strength, not the colloidal strength.

You can check the PPM of your colloidal silver from Colloidal/Ionic Silver Calculator in Utils menu. After the program is finished, you will get the colloidal silver with the PPM you desired.

How do you know whether your colloidal silver is successful? You can use a laser to shine into the colloidal silver. If the colloidal silver is ready, you will see a bright laser beam like this. Ionic silver has no beam since it has no silver solids in suspension to reflect the light – because silver ions dissolve.


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