How to make Colloidal Silver with a Homemade Generator

How to make colloidal silver with a homemade generator. We have always believed in home remedies even before we decided to live off grid. Now it’s even more important to add to our home remedies. Colloidal silver is antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antibiotic. It helps build your immune system.
We have been using it for almost a year now and can truly say that it works. We use it when we start feeling like we might be coming down with something. When we take it internally, it’s only a couple tablespoons at a time. We have used it externally on wounds on ourselves and on our fur babies. We have used it on our cat when she starts getting an eye infection. We’ll put a couple drops in her eyes for a couple days and it clears up right away.

Please do your own research. There is a lot of contradicting information online regarding the health benefits. We have done our research and decided the risk was worth it for us. So please do your own research first. #colloidalsilver #homeremedies #doityourself

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