How To Select A High Quality Colloidal Silver


In this video, I’m sharing with you my knowledge and experience on how to select a high quality colloidal silver.

There’s a lot of confusing information on the web when you are researching into colloidal silver. In this video I have share my knowledge and experience so it will help you on your research.

The size of bacteria is between 4-15 microns. The size of viruses is .01 micron, so a high quality colloidal silver needs to have ionic nano particles size smaller than .01 micron. Properly manufactured pure colloidal silver will only have two ingredients in them, distilled water and nano-particle silver from .0005 – .0008 micron. Look for this particle size on the labels.

PPM stands for parts per million, which is measuring the WEIGHT of the silver in the solution (not its size). 1 PPM, stands for 1 gram of silver in 1000mL of solution. The higher the PPM, the heavier and bigger the silver particles are, which makes the colloidal silver an inferior product. The lower the PPM, means the particles are smaller and finely divided.

Amber or Blue cobalt glass bottles are the best at protecting colloidal silver from oxidation and from static electricity being built up which many affect the silver falling out of suspension.

High quality colloidal silver will look exactly like water, colorless, odorless and tasteless. Any dis-coloration means the silver has been oxidized or the particles are very large, which causes the dis-coloration.

These are common additives that may be found in other types of colloidal silver products:
silver nitrate
silver acetate
silver arsphenamine

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