In The Lab: Making Colloidal Silver Water

We are here in the lab with Gerald Hancock, the founder/director of Sounds Healthy, as he shows us how metallic colloidal silver water is made.

Colloidal Silver water taken everyday, is said to work as the best immune-booster around, and is also said to be the “new antibiotic” of the future… able to treat almost anything.

FYI: Many places sell Silver Water…. but the silver they use, and the process they use in the lab, will determine whether you are taking a product that is worth while, or merely a placebo. Sounds Healthy sells the Silver Water generators, and also sells the water. It is said to be the best Metallic Coilldal Silver water available on the market today

NOTE: Some people really notice the difference immediately, when taking Silver Water. The best results are seen after 3-4 bottles, once the body has adjusted to the water, and the silver has had time to inhabit the body correctly. It is recommended that you take one shot glass of Silver Water per day, two during flu season. Silver Water is NOT dangerous, and will NOT turn you blue…. the body processes it into waste as needed.


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