Making COLLOIDAL SILVER for Beginners

This video shows you how to make your own Colloidal Silver cheaply at home and have it readily available when you need it. We usually make a couple of batches a year and it keeps for longer than 6 months in a cool dark place. I am making extra this year because of the emerging Coronavirus from China. We take it regularly just in case.

Disclaimer, do you own research on this topic or any topic I mentioned in our video’s, I’m not a doctor. I simply wish to share our experiences.

What you will need:

Good quality distilled water – we have our own water distiller for this purpose so we know we have excellent quality distilled water when we use it – I feel it is a worthwhile investment.

Some good quality silver rods – we use 12 gauge 6 inch rods guaranteed to be 99.99 pure – available online – I would recommend going to a specialist company as you know it will be good quality.

3 x decent alkaline 9V batteries

Some crocodile clips and wire to connect the rods to the batteries

Glass storage bottles – these need to be tinted as light can break down the silver in the solution.

Glass jug or jar big enough to do hold the amount you want to make, make a lid if needed with holes in, but not metal as it will not work.

TDS Meter – Total dissolved solids meter, this is optional but it is a great way to measure the change in concentration as the solution is made. This does not give an exact measurement of the ppm of silver in the solution, but it does give you an idea. To make an exact measurement of the ppm would require expensive lab equipment. TDS meters are available cheaply online.

Laser pointer – also optional – it is really cool to be able to see the particles in suspension with this and compare it to normal water. Some people use this instead of a TDS meter – again purely subjective. This called the Tyndall effect is shows the laser’s light refracted by the silver particles in the solution.

People use CS for many reasons; illness – colds and flu, other infections -sore throats etc. People also use it for their plants, animals (when they are sick) if you look online you will find many ways people use it. Colloidal Silver can also be used topically.

As with all new remedies you should start with small amounts and work from there – there is lots of information online about how much people take and for what reasons.

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