Making Lotion out of Oil, Beeswax, Borax and Colloidal Silver.

Derived from modifying this video on How to Make Lotion with Beeswax…

This is a work in progress since the nano-sized particles of silver, and the ions of silver, both precipitated out of solution to form silver leaf powder which won’t have much of any anti-pathogenic properties unless these particles should reduce in size upon their interaction with whatever part of the body they should be spread upon.

My guess, is that the watery portion of this recipe should be at least as cool as room temperature, if not cooler, before blending with the hot melted beeswax in oil – and quickly, too, before the silver ions of silver hydroperoxide (or the silver colloids of colloidal silver) should have any chance to precipitate out of solution and aggregate into large size particles of silver leaf which are useless for medicinal use.

We’ll see……

Inspired by…
Antimicrobial beeswax coated polylactide films with silver control release capacity.


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