My BVT colloidal silver generator SilverwonderMK1 in action !

The SilverwonderMK1 and MK2 have all the practical functionality specifically Automatic Polarity Switching and built In 5 mW laser device all powered by a constant current AU 12VDC Power Adapter. It also has a new efficient micro dc motor that rotates around 60rpm.
SILVER. Two silver rods 3mm thick are fitted. These high quality silver rods, .9999 pure, are milled in Australia.
AUTOMATIC POLARITY.The automatic polarity switching equalize the melting of the silver rods extending and doubling its useful life. Each silver rod polarity change from (-) to (+) and vice versa approximately every 55 to 65 minutes depending on how the timer was adjusted during its production. The automatic switching cycle continue until the generator is manually switch off. It has two leds that tell users polarity have change.
LED INDICATORS. A Red and Green LED will warn users that change of polarity had occurred. Another Blue LED is fitted at the floor of the generator. It continuously lit up during the electrolysis process for better visual of the silver water during the night.
LASER DEVICE.The built in 5mW Laser Device will visually tell the user that the silver water is ready by the appearance of the laser beam across the silver water.
MECHANICAL STIRRER. The mechanical stirrer driven by an efficient 60rpm Micro DC Motor move the water continuously to prevent the ions/colloids clamping together during the electrolysis process.
All the production silver water during the trials are clear even at the 20 ppm.
It will hit the international market, particularly Australia, NZ, Canada, US, UK, France and Germany soon as marketing formality is finalized.


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