My colloidal silver custom generator. I am making more CS due to COVID-19 Coronavirus

You can think what you will about colloidal silver but if you take a step back from looking at the colloidal silver info, and instead look into the general science behind it such as info on dissolved vs suspended, ions and how they react easily to form salt compounds, the colours of metal colloids whereby you will see Silver colloids are yellow (so you know colloidal silver should be YELLOW not clear like water), see some info on Argyria and how it’s silver ions that get into cells, react to become larger molecules and get trapped in the cells which build up to make you turn blue. Once you have checked into all the info, then you can start looking into colloidal silver again and take your general science info and pull apart the claims and arrive at facts. I found a fantastic forum which has blog entries, articles and helpful people who know what they are doing and explain things really well.

They have all the formulae you need to calculate how much sodium carbonate to use, how much maltodextrin to use, only use distilled water and how much current to use depending on whether you are making it fully cold with no stirring, or if you are using stirring or a hot plate as I am. 3ma for cold production is the maximum recommended else it will form clumps of silver which will drop out of suspension.

You can research about how colloidal silver (AgNP as scientists refer to it in their scientific papers) is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, how there’s only a very few silver-resistant species of pathogens.

You have to make up your own mind, but for me, I have a little stockpile of it so if I come down with anything nasty, I can fall back on silver to help get me back up to health.

Also other good things to deal with pathogens are Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate) and Vitamin D3 which you need to take Vitamin K2 with it also.

All this info is just my take on things, please do your own research and come to your own conclusions. The science is out there if you go looking for it. If you don’t look at the science and you just try to believe one site over another when the conflicting information seems to be backed up by logic, it will drive you mad, like a splinter in your mind…. Trust me, do a bit of basic science research as I mentioned above and THEN look into colloidal silver specifically.


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