Nanosilver without Precursor Chemistry: Realtime Silver Nanoparticle Formation During Laser Ablation

Nanosilver is dispersed in realtime into pure (reagent-free), distilled water during laser ablation of a solid silver sheet at the bottom of a glass vessel. The laser power is below 16 Watts, only. Here, the bioactive, ion-releasing silver nanoparticle colloid is produced for toxicity studies with human fibroblast (tissue) cells and effectivity studies with clinically relevant bacteria. Our aim is to understand the therapeutic applicability. Under this aspect, purity is of outmost importance. Hence, such bio-response studies benefit from the purity of the particles (just water and silver, nothing else), so that there is no need to worry about cross-effects with residual chemicals from conventional chemical synthesis. In contrary, we can concentrate on the understanding of pure silver effects.
——- The projekt is supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (research see


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