Nature's Energy Colloidal Silver Supplement

Silver is a precious metal that your body needs in trace amounts to accomplish many essential biological functions. Colloidal Silver has been used for over a century as a supplement and aids the body in immune system capabilities.Containing trace amounts of organically-sourced silver, NE Colloidal Silver is a safe, effective topical supplement that aids the body in immune system capabilities. NE Colloidal Silver has nanoparticle-sized silver in a charged solution. If the particle size of the silver were greater than our nanoparticles, there would not be enough surface area contact with the silver. Also, if the solution were not charged, the silver would fall to the bottom of the solution; therefore, the charged particles in Nature’s Energy’s Colloidal Silver keeps the silver throughout the solution in its dissolved, active form. We manufacture our Colloidal Silver to guarantee the highest bioavailability.
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