Part 3 – SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator – Honest Review & Demo

This is an honest review and demonstration of the SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator.

Until I bought my Silver Lungs unit, I’ve had a terrible experience trying to make my own colloidal silver. I tried building several different types of generators, but could never seem to get everything just right. My end product was always extremely cloudy or had large blobs of silver sludge floating around.

I played around with different lengths of silver, different voltages, different running times, but always the same poor results!

I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a generator. I researched MANY different models and finally settled on the SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator.

We recorded everything from opening the box to completing our first successful batch of CS. This review and demo of the SilverLungs system will be posted in three parts.

For more details about the SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator, visit their website at:

This is part 3 of 3. Part 1 can be viewed at:
Part 2 can be viewed at:


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