Right-Wing Personalities Attempt to Sell Bogus Coronavirus 'Cures' | NowThis

Far-right hucksters are selling phony coronavirus ‘cures.’
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In US news and current events today, far-right phonies are selling ‘cures’ for the coronavirus. Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist banned from Facebook & Twitter, is peddling an anti-coronavirus ‘nanosilver’ toothpaste and claims the Pentagon & Wal-Mart are buying it. This pastor is claiming his ‘silver solution’ can kill COVID-19 in 12 hours.

Bakker has received cease and desist letters from the FDA, FTC, and the Attorneys General of New York & Missouri. Jones, who was arrested the night before this broadcast for a DUI, is also taking advantage of the coronavirus outbreak by inflating the prices of bulk food packages.

There is not yet a vaccine for the coronavirus, as of March 2020. People showing flu-like symptoms are being told to self-quarantine.

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