Should We All Be Drinking KELEA Activated Water?

This article discusses the science underlying the process of water activation and lists many of the compounds, which are capable of activating water. It is a continuation of previous ezine articles on this topic, with the goal of encouraging everyone to utilize the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway in the prevention and, if necessary, the therapy of many illnesses.

As explained in an earlier article, activation of the body’s fluids is Nature’s third cellular energy pathway. The first energy pathway is photosynthesis and the second is food metabolism. The third, or what is now called the alternative cellular energy pathway or more simply the ACE pathway, is an inducible dynamic quality of the body’s fluids. It results from the absorption of an environmental force termed KELEA, “kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction.”

Electrical charges on chemical molecules can attract KELEA providing intermolecular bonding does not mask the charges. Certain dipolar molecules with clearly separated charges are able to transfer the absorbed KELEA to nearby water, possibly in an oscillatory manner. Once water is sufficiently activated, its separated charges can then directly absorb KELEA from the environment leading to its further activation. The activation can extend to added water, which if consumed can enhance the body’s ACE pathway.

The many water-activating compounds can be placed into five categories. The first category comprises mineral-rich, complex molecules, commonly used by organic farmers. These include humic and fulvic acids; zeolites; crushed volcanic rock; shungite, a product from Russia; magnesium oxide; and mica. While these compounds are generally only considered as a source of minerals, their proven benefit is more likely to be water activation. They become much more effective in this regard if heated to very high temperatures during or after the extraction process.

The second category includes certain pharmaceuticals with actions well beyond the medical conditions for which they were developed. Good examples are procaine, lidocaine, vitamin C, niacin and Dilantin, an anti-epileptic drug.

The third category is for hydrogen, ozone and chlorine dioxide gas; while the fourth category includes colloidal silver, germanium, silica and other elements.

The fifth and most interesting category includes food items such as moringa and ashitaba leaf extracts, some essential oils and cocoa, from which chocolate is made. Also included are alcohol tinctures of various herbs used in effective homeopathy.

There are three important principles in using all of these compounds. The first is that very little is required to activate water. For compounds, which are not in the form of pellets, one can easily use too much, such that intermolecular bonding masks the electrical charges. For many compounds, a thousand or more fold dilution in water is appropriate. The second principle is the need to allow a day or two for the activation process to proceed. The third is to maintain the water in a tightly sealed container, since activated water molecules can easily be lost by evaporation.

Once water is energized, the activating compound can be removed either by progressive dilutions as in homeopathy or by filtration through a zero residue filter. This can eliminate any concerns regarding possible toxicity of the compounds. It is even possible to slowly activate water by simply placing it close to previously activated water or to some of the water activating mineral-rich compounds discussed earlier. Various energy devices can also be directly used on water.

The main message of this article is that it costs very little to activate water to a reasonable level. Individuals can become their own investigators in choosing from among the different approaches and share their experiences via social networks. The major goal is to help alleviate medical conditions caused by an insufficiency of cellular energy from the food-metabolism-mediated, second energy pathway. There are also immediate benefits for farmers.

The author’s focus is on the ACE pathway as the major defense against stealth adapted viruses, which are not effectively recognized by the immune system. He is also interested in whether the ACE pathway contributes to unique aspects of brain function. Indeed, it is possible that the fluctuating electrical charges of the brain and possibly also muscles, including the heart, may act as an antenna for KELEA.

Source by Dr. W. John Martin, M.D., Ph.D.

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