Silver and Gold Mesocolloids

The role of silver and gold colloids in health support have become part of most alternative therapy treatments; as main achievements we could mention weight loss, physical and intellectual performance, stress relief and a general improved condition. Many scientists explain the great healing properties based on two fundamental elements: first there is the pure structure of these two minerals and then there is the size of the gold and silver particles used in ionized water. The nano-particles dispersed in the ultra pure water solution are scientifically known as mesocolloids, consisting of up to thirty thousand atoms each.

There are many ways to produce colloids but the most efficient one for therapy is the one that relies on the use of meso-particles. The production as such is called mesoprocess and consists in creating 99% pure gold or silver that may be afterwards dispersed in a suspension; the very law that lies behind the anti-gravitation behavior of these particles is the electronic charge that sets a mutual repulsion in the solution. Gold and silver mesocolloids are totally free of protein binders or additives that are used in some solutions to keep the particles “floating”; there is only pure metal and pure water, nothing else.

The silver and gold mesocolloids may contain both ions and particles, and the concentration of these two elements may be really variable. Most colloidal gold and silver products obtained by electrolysis have a metal particle density that ranges from 80% to 100% depending on the mineral. But it’s also very true that many other solutions result in only 1% gold or silver particles and 99% ions. The best products are those that preserve the metal qualities in the finest of particles possible; these are the ones that actually carry the real healing potential for a health condition.

Anyone who’d like to purchase colloidal gold or colloidal silver should make sure that the products contain metal particles and not ionic solutions; otherwise they would be buying a highly ineffective product. The best way not to fail in the choice is to make some individual research on essential minerals, their use in homeopathy and highly recommended manufacturers who have had well-reputed results. You don’t need to buy large quantities from the beginning, choose one product to start with at the recommendation of a naturopath, thus you make sure it works best for the purpose. If results aren’t late to appear, then you’re on the right track and the product is really efficient.

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