Silver nanotechnology kills bacteria 슈퍼박테리아도 잡는 은나노 청정기술

Air sterilizers and purifiers help minimize the amount of dust, germs and general bad stuff we inhale on a day-to-day basis.
However,… if poorly maintained, they can actually make the air even worse.
But all is not lost,… as local scientists say they′ve worked out a way to make the maintenance process much easier.
Kim Hyun-bin reports.
This is an air sterilizer installed in an elementary school classroom.
The filter is full of all sorts of dust and germ particles.
It′s a problem that schools, hospitals and a whole host of public facilities are faced with.
If the filter is not maintained, the germs will multiply at a rapid rate.
But a group of international scientists, including Korean experts, has developed a specialized air filter that aims to make the process easier.
The key is its silver nanotechnology that coats the filter′s surface, sterilizing and killing E. Coli and other germs that can cause health problems.
The effect can be seen through a microscope.
“The nanotechnology is similar in size to the bacteria and as soon as contact is made,… the germs are ripped apart.”
To test the filter,… researchers blew in the germs at a speed of 2 meters per second,… but the nanotechnology wouldn′t budge.
“Even with the A/C on full blast, the filter continued doing its job,… killing all the germs that passed through.”
Germs can lead to any number of diseases, but this breakthrough is increasing hopes that their spread can be mitigated.
Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.


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