Simplest Colloidal Silver Generator

Simplest Colloidal Silver Generator.
This is the easiest, cheapest and cost effective way to may colloidal / ionic silver. “Colloidal” silver that is made with simple home-made colloidal silver generators is actually mainly ionic, but is will also contain some true colloidal silver. There is much heated argument and debate which is better, either ionic silver or colloidal silver but both have their merits. With this method anyone can afford to make a good quality colloidal / ionic silver. Rumors do abounds regarding the curative powers of colloidal / ionic silver. The problem with attempting to destroy a pathogen or microbe in the body is that the colloidal / ionic silver becomes so diluted when you take it orally that it will have little effect if any. But for external topical use colloidal ionic silver is highly effective and will safely destroy every known pathogen when used externally. This can be highly useful when wrapping up cuts or abrasions to the skin and infection could be a major problem. This is where colloidal / ionic silver really “shines” in helping the body to heal fastest without having to fight off infections.

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