Super Supplements, Highest Quality Colloidal Gold


We are proud to offer 50 PPM Colloidal Gold!

The Garden of Eden offers the highest quality, cutting edge in colloidal technology! There are only 2 labs in the world with the capability of producing colloidal gold at this quality. Because we are so impressed with this product, we offer it to you in the most sustainable way possible with our private labeling and distribution.

There are 400 drops in our 0.5 oz bottles–over a year’s supply when taken at the recommended dose of 1 drop per day.

This nutritional supplement has been used to treat arthritis, depression, anxiety, inflammation, bursitis, tendonitis, addiction, and even cancer!

​It enhances mental ability, improving focus, concentration, and IQ, and stabilizes mood. It improves digestion, rejuvenates cells throughout the body, and revitalizes organs.

Great for ingestion & topical use!

Discounts available for ordering in bulk!

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The Garden of Eden is the most sustainable organization in the state of Texas (and probably the nation). We’re focused on our values of integrity, honor, responsibility, accountability, freedom, and family, and spend our lives feeding, clothing, housing, and educating people. Our Eden Knights live on less than $1 a day each, and we feed 40,000 free meals a year without government assistance, corporate sponsorship, or rich benefactors! We have a negative carbon footprint; use composting toilets; grow food; cook year-round on outdoor, wood-burning rocket stoves we built by hand from earth; reduce/reuse/recycle; shower from our well; and barter and trade for most of the goods and services we require. We are 100% dedicated to PROCEEDS NOT PROFITS; everything we offer is by donation to our humanitarian works and social outreach.


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