The Benefits Of Silver And Gold Colloids In Skin Care

Many skin care products are nowadays manufactured on the basis of colloidal gold and silver waters that are known for their great antibacterial effects. Before making your skin beautiful a lotion, a gel or a simple soap needs to ensure its health, since skin is the first outward body protection that comes into contact with direct aggressive factors. Eczema, psoriasis, parasitic infections, fungi, thrush and so one are among the most common health conditions that can be eliminated with the use of a simple bar of colloidal silver or gold soap bar.

Thanks to the incredible antimicrobial actions of colloidal minerals, the germs that are responsible for acne skin infections are easily eliminated even from the deep skin layers. For instance, colloidal silver is best known for its sanitizing, antiseptic and healing properties, and silver-based products may be used even for shaving, particularly when you already suffer from a delicate condition. No perfume and no colors: two other properties that should always be looked for, when wanting to purchase colloidal silver and gold skincare products. Perfume and colors very often deteriorate skin even more, since they are chemical compounds that deepen already precarious health.

If you suffer from a persisting eczema, rash or fungus it is a good idea to combine the use of a colloidal soap with the colloidal silver or gold solutions applied on clean dry skin. You may even use liquid colloidal silver as a wound disinfectant, as it creates a sterile skin environment. In case you have acne infections combined with deep-tissue scarring, long term use of colloidal mineral soaps will lead not only to skin healing but also to cellular regeneration. In the absence of bacteria, new tissue may grow, filling the scars left by acne, even if they were diagnosed as permanent.

Last but not least, we should mention that colloidal silver and colloidal gold do not affect the natural pH skin level, so you don’t have to worry about dryness or local discomfort. On the contrary, skin improves its aspect, regaining elasticity and freshness, while red blotches and possible sun burns are immediately healed. The explanation for such quick skin recovery lies in the increased reactivity of silver and gold waters that enhance the natural body response for healing and regeneration. Some skin products may include other ingredients besides colloidal minerals: oatmeal and aloe representing favorite extra compounds worth mentioning.

Source by Ben W Taylor

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