The Importance of Diet for Improved Dreamwork

Our planet has had test bombs exploded on it, oil spills and nuclear disasters the like of which occurred in Chenobyl and Fukushima in 2011. We endure pollution to our skies from chem trails, our soils are depleted and polluted with poisons and our water is turned toxic with fluoridation and chlorination. Tests are beginning to show that ordinary people living nowhere near nuclear plants are showing high concentrations of depleted radiation and heavy metals in their bodies. There is an excess of toxic debris floating around in the ethers of planet earth. It has reached a point where every human must guard against depleted radiation, calcium forming organisms, exotic viruses, fungi, mould and bacteria. We can do this by eating a pure diet of organic raw foods and super foods that will detox us from these chemicals. What has this got to go with dreaming you might ask?

Quite a lot! Dreams are not just isolated to the physical plane for we are not just physical beings. We are multidimensional. We exist on the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual planes as well as the physical. Dreams replay the actions that we took during the day, the emotions we experienced, the thoughts that we thought and outcomes of these actions, emotions and thoughts on every level of our being. We are also very connected to our planet, to other planets, our solar system, our universe and beyond in a state of oneness. When universal, galactic and planetary changes occur, some people are aware of these changes consciously but for the majority, awareness is limited to the subconscious levels. These events may be reflected in our dreams. If the subconscious mind is busy juggling elements of the physical body to keep us alive then what is happening in our greater sphere of influence may not filter through to our dreams. Our focus is honed and narrowed to the physical body so that the dreamer can get that sorted. The physical body is an important lightbody, for all other lightbodies are anchored to it. It is the foundation upon which all else is built.

Good diet and maintaining a fit healthy body becomes very important to the serious dream worker and spiritual aspirant. Eating small quantities of unprocessed high nutritional living foods is the ideal for most people. By eating foods high in nutrition we actually feel less hungry and can eat less food. This gives our digestive system a rest and allows our mind to focus on the bigger picture and what we are really here to do. All of this shows up in our dreams. With the spiritual energies of the planet flowing in more intensely, it is an important time to undergo a detox and begin upgrading our diet. Removing harmful pathogens is a good place to begin. We can do this by simply introducing a small amount of high quality colloidal silver each day. Colloidal silver kills bacteria and viruses without destroying beneficial enzymes like pharmaceutical antibiotics do. It will also kill strains that are resistant to antibiotics. If you are going to use colloidal silver for a while you will need to replace the good bacteria within the body with a good probiotic. You can stretch out your probiotic by producing more of the bacteria. Here’s a good way of doing this… take some fresh coconut water and add a spoonful of probiotic – these live organisms eat the sugar in the coconut water and multiply. Within 24 hours you’re left with something that looks like a fizzy drink – bottoms up. This will replenish the good bacteria within the body very effectively.

It is also beneficial to limit the amount of sugars, fats, potatoes and protein, whether you are a vegetarian or not. In the book From Elephants to Einstein, Rudolph Steiner explains why the eating of potatoes weakens the mid brain area and how proteins within the body are prevented from turning putrid by the work of the etheric body, just as fats are prevented from turning rancid by the astral body while the head area, and therefore also the soul, prevents sugars within the body from fermenting. When we eat more than 30 grams of protein we overload the etheric body, our vital source of life force. When it can’t keep up proteins begin to putrefy within the gut, and impacts our body odour. This includes both animal and vegetable proteins so even vegetarians need to watch their protein intake. Similarly when we eat excessive fats and carbohydrates and sugars we respectively overload the astral body and the soul energies in the head area. While our other lightbodies are busy juggling our dietary intakes attention cannot be placed on development of ourselves spiritually or energetically. All of this affects our dreams in quite profound ways. If you are serious about dreamwork and developing spiritually consider taking going to the next level by refining and purifying your diet.

To better health and deeper dreams

I AM Julie-Anne

Source by Julie-Anne Michael

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